Friday, 9 January 2015

On Taking Heart...

What a year 2015 is turning out to be! The CP is turning one, MD is facing slander and office politics on a personal level and on the home front – yikes! What a gargantuan mess!

I'm not even asking “why” any more. Just – Lord, what good is this going to bring? I mean, apart from the CP turning one, which is grand!

The future looks like there's only more hurt and heartache in store. I know He has a plan. I honestly don't see it, but I'm believing it. I know in this world we will have troubles.

So right now I'm praying for strength in the face of pain, love in the face of injustice and hope in the face of bleakness. I'm taking heart for He has overcome the world.*

*John 16:33

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